Wagner’s 24-hour coup

Wagner troops withdrew from Russia late Saturday night after an abandoned coup attempt on Moscow, Greek prime minister Kyriako Mitsotakis won re-election in a blowout, and foreign investors viewed Turkey’s first interest rate rise in…
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Europe’s new Marshall Plan: making a bet on Ukraine

Suzanne Lynch comes to you from London, where the Ukraine Recovery Conference has just wrapped up.
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EU’s de-risking strategy in the face of China

This week on Beyond the Byline, EURACTIV digs into the new economic security strategy presented by the European Commission on Tuesday (20 June). The plan seeks to persuade all 27 EU member states to implement…
Beyond the Byline

US and China are decoupling, and it is permanent

Forget de-risking or containment. In this Exchange podcast, Gavekal research director Chris Beddor explains the political framing of the slogans, unpicks changing trade and financial flows between the world’s two biggest economies and explains why…
The Exchange

Call of duties: the global costs of war

Conflict in Ukraine has cut short the “peace dividend” the world was reaping. We count the economic costs of a widespread return to a war footing. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s appointment of two economic realists…
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Why does Poland want to ban the migration pact?

Last week, EU member states finally reached a consensus on the New Pact on Asylum and Migration, which seeks to streamline the management of incoming asylum seekers and distribute responsibility for hosting newcomers more evenly across the…
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Martin Wolf on saving democratic capitalism: resisting autocracy

In this third episode of Martin Wolf’s series, the renowned FT columnist and economist speaks to the journalist and historian Anne Applebaum, who has written extensively about the history of communism and the development of…
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Can a global treaty stop plastic pollution?

Eirik Lindebjerg, Global Plastics Policy Lead at World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and Willemijn Peeters, CEO & Founder of Searious business, a company that aims to prevent plastic pollution, join Natasha Foote  in conversation to discuss what has been done…

Trouble in Shangri-La: Sino-American tensions escalate

At a meeting of defence ministers from the Asia-Pacific region, heightened tensions between Beijing and Washington were all too apparent.
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Polish Commissioner, Parliament protests & getting ‘grounded’

This week, EURACTIV’s agrifood team talks you through the controversies at a recent meeting of EU agriculture ministers, including how the EU’s agriculture Commissioner is increasingly prioritising Polish issues, and discusses the pushback to the…
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From Moldova: The European Political Community is back

EU Confidential - From Moldova: The European Political Community is back. Suzanne Lynch from the EPC summit on prospects for countries like Moldova and Ukraine to join the EU.
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