AI Act and the Brussels effect

The EU strives to set the international standard with its AI regulation. But how likely is it that the EU rules will become internationally adopted? And under which conditions could that happen? We discussed how…
The Tech Brief

The open-source intelligence war

Six months have passed since Russia invaded Ukraine. It is arguably the most transparent conflict ever, thanks to publicly available satellite data and social media. How has open-source intelligence (OSINT) shaped the war? The Economist’s…
The Economist

Another world is possible: The transformative power of political imagination

In his recent book “Another World Is Possible”, Geoff Mulgan – professor of collective intelligence, public policy, and social innovation at University College London – identifies a crisis that does not usually feature prominently in…
Mark Leonard's World in 30 Minutes

Money Talks: Fragile Economies

From Sri Lanka to Pakistan, El Salvador to Ghana, Egypt to Tunisia, some emerging economies are feeling the pain of rising commodity prices, higher interest rates and a strong dollar. Is a wave of historic…
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Italy’s right-wing nationalists on the rise

Italians go to the polls on 25 September after the collapse of the country’s 69th government in just 77 years. Polls suggest a conservative coalition - likely led by the right wing nationalist Brothers of…
The Real Story

Why Do Italian Governments Collapse So Often?

The country has had 67 governments in the past 75 years. Why are Italian politics so chronically unstable, and what does the economy have to do with it?
Ones and Tooze
Agrifood Brief

Agrifood Podcast: Droughts, derogations & dirty deals

This week in our last agrifood podcast of the season, EURACTIV’s agrifood team looks ahead at the key topics of the summer, including the impact that drought is having, and will continue to have, on…
Agrifood Brief

Winter is coming: Europe’s energy transition and the war in Ukraine

Can Europe remain true to its climate agenda despite Russia’s war in Ukraine?
Mark Leonard's World in 30 Minutes

Beijing fears social unrest from property crisis

The Bank of England is set to consider its biggest rate rise in more than 25 years, the EU and UK are easing up on Russian oil restrictions to keep gas prices from spiking, and…
FT News Briefing

Securing the supply of semiconductors to Europe

An assessment of the EU Chips Act. Drawing lessons from the ongoing shortages in chip supply, the United States, China and the European Union are adopting industrial policies to secure semiconductor supply chains as well…
The Sound of Economics

Japan’s post-Abe future, Europe’s currency problem

The assassination of former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is an end of an economic era. In this Viewsroom podcast, Breakingviews columnists debate how his party’s success could bring about big spending. Also, the euro’s decline…

Money Talks: The backlash against ESG

One of the hottest areas of investing in recent years has been ESG: using environmental, social, and governance metrics as ways to assess potential investments. But the idea that you can make profits with purpose…
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