Bill Gates on Ukraine’s ‘shock to the system’

The Microsoft co-founder and philanthropist talks to Gideon about his efforts to keep global development goals alive amid rising geopolitical tensions. They discuss shrinking aid budgets, climate, technology, China-US tensions and whether Gates remains an…
Financial TImes

Health podcast: The Health Data Revolution

This week, EURACTIV’s health team brings you the nitty-gritty of the European Health Data Space together with one of the European Parliament’s rapporteur on the file, the centre-right Croatian MEP Tomislav Sokol.

Europe’s gas outlook for 2023

Is Europe's Energy Crisis over? Europe has survived the energy crisis in the past year; however, it is time to look forward and prepare for winter 2023-24. In this episode of The Sound of Economics,…

The future of the World Bank

FT’s Aime Williams tells us what the World Bank might look like under the leadership of Ajay Banga.
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Agrifood Brief

Agrifood Podcast: Fisheries package, CAP third pillar

This week, EURACTIV’s agrifood team walks you through the Commission’s fisheries package which includes the ambition to ban bottom trawling from all marine protected areas (MPAs) by 2030, and EURACTIV’s Paula Andrés talks to Enrico…
Agrifood Brief

How useful have the EU’s financial sanctions on Russia been?

A reflection on the impact of sanctions against Russia, one year since the outbreak of the war in Ukraine. When the sanctions against Russia were first implemented, Giuseppe Porcaro invited Nicolas Véron and Elina Ribakova on The Sound of Economics to…
The Sound of Economics

Fire and grim tone: Putin’s and Biden’s speeches

President Joe Biden’s riposte to the bellicose speech of his counterpart Vladimir Putin was a study in contrast. The Economist examines their views on Ukraine and ask how a lasting peace could be secured. They…
The Economist

Health podcast: Ongoing Pfizer saga

This week, EURACTIV’s health team dig into the European Parliament’s role in the ongoing saga on the transparency of the COVID-19 vaccine contracts between the European Commission and the pharmaceutical company Pfizer with MEP Tilly…

The economics of Russia’s war in Ukraine

Investors are betting the European Central Bank will raise interest rates to all-time highs, and the FT’s Ben Hall explains the impact of the war in Ukraine on the country’s economy.
FT News Briefing

FT News briefing: Russia’s ‘second front’

Consumer confidence in the Eurozone is up, Moscow is buying influence in Africa on the cheap, and the FT’s Henry Foy explains how the war in Ukraine shattered illusions and shifted EU foreign policy.
FT News Briefing

The Digital Services Act – what next?

The coming weeks will be fundamental for the DSA to take shape, as the European Commission is working on secondary legislation to define critical provisions of the regulation, and large online platforms are taking their…

What China’s reopening will mean for the global economy

A timely discussion about the reopening of China after the zero-Covid policy and its implications on the global economy As China moves closer to fully re-emerging from three years of government imposed Covid isolation and…